September Diary


Sunday Services at 10.45 a.m.

3rd September:  Mr. Ron Prosser – Communion

Communion with Serving Elders: Alun Williams and David Green

                 Bible Reading:  William Graham*;      Prayers: David Green*

                 Teas/Coffees: Sandra, Robert*

10th September:  Mr. Ron Prosser – Membership Induction

                 Bible Reading: Gloria Edwards;     Prayers: Clifton Anderson*

                 Teas/Coffees: Kevin and Stephen*

17th September:   Mr. Roy Love

               Bible Reading: Kevin Farrell*;     Prayers: Mathias Tchatchoua

               Teas/Coffees: Angeline and Mathias*

24th September:  Mr. Ron Prosser

               Bible Reading: Alun Clare*       Prayers: Willie Clayson*

               Teas/Coffees: Stephanie and Gareth*

1st October:  Mr. Ron Prosser – Harvest Festival

               Communion with Serving Elders: William Graham and Mathias Tchatchoua

                Bible Reading: Stephanie Jones*;    Prayers: Gloria Edwards*

               Teas/Coffees: Ann and Lynne*

* If unable to help on this date, please arrange a substitute or advise Ron (01633 274565)


Sunday Evening Informal Tea and Praise Evening Services: at 5.30 for refreshments   and service commencing 6.00 – 7.00 p.m.


GWASANAETHAU EBENESER Sunday Services at 3.00 p.m. Oedfa Gymraeg

Gweinidog Gwirfoddol: Parch Lona Roberts, B.A., B.D. (Rhif Ffon:02920 766283)

  • Medi 3:    Parch Dafydd Pwen
  • Medi 10:    Parch Lona Roberts
  • Medi 17:    Parch Aled H. Thomas
  • Medi 24:   Athron Gwynfor Jones
  • Hydref 1:  Cynhaef-cyd-addoli ag Eglwys Stow Parc


Other Meetings:

Community Lunch: Wednesday, 6th 12.30 p.m. All invited.

Staff and Members’ Prayer Meeting: Tuesdays,  at 10 a.m.

Bible Fellowship:  Wednesdays, recommencing 6th September, 11.00 a.m.

Basic Bible Study: Wednesdays, recommencing 6th September 1.00 p.m.

East Wales Pastoral Meeting: Monday 18th, 2.30 p.m. at Dan-y-Graig

Elders’ Meeting: Thursday, 21st, 7.00 p.m. at 661 Chepstow Road

Use it or Lose it Musical Exercise Group: Thursdays, at 2.15 p.m.

Saturday Morning Breakfasts: from 8.30 a.m. for the Vulnerably Housed.

Food Bank: Open every Tuesday – Friday, 2 – 4 p.m.

Print Training Project: Every Monday – Friday, 9.30 – 4.30



GweinidogGwirfoddol: Parch Lona Roberts, B.A., B.D. (Rhif Ffon:02920 766283)

Cyd-addoligydaEglwysyr U.R.C. (y bore am 1045)



Holiness – Here and Now

Lorraine Lane spent an inspirational week during August at Lee Abbey in Devon and she let me see the Brochure and Magazine of that organisation where I was pleased to read an article by Bridget Macauley in which she explored some everyday moments of life which are charged with God’s presence. I felt I could do no better than let you read some of what Bridget had written:

“Perhaps God might turn up, dressed down, in human skin? Perhaps He might even choose to inhabit us. His creatures, whom He has gifted with humanity, humour and humble earthiness. If matter matters enough to God to send His Son to incarnate it, to become that ‘Matter of Great Moment’ then perhaps we might be saved, redeemed, made whole in and through our earthiness, not despite it.

If matter matters in this way, then it can also provide the raw material of our life of faith and prayer. It means that God will call us to serve Him, to share the Good News of Jesus with and through all the character, peculiarities, woundedness and gifts that have shaped our human journey. Then we can meet God and respond to Him everywhere.

What might this look like in practical terms?

Practical Response

¨ Perhaps when we get up in the morning, we stretch and remember God stretches back to us, extending His grace to us.

¨ Or as we wash we remember the blessing of being made clean, of being forgiven.

¨ As we dress we give thanks that we have been robed in righteousness and remember that overall we must wear love.

¨ We stand listening to the lunchtime news and let the rising steam from the kettle be our prayers for the world.

¨ We light the fire and ask God to use the heat of all we feel passionately about to build His kingdom here on earth.

¨ We hold our coffee mug in our cupped hands like a chalice and we lift up to God all that our human lives are full of.

The gift of our humanity is partly that it insists we live in time and place. The Presence of God is not simply encased in the past and in historical tradition, nor merely hoped for in a prophetic future. We follow God in the here and now with all that our lives are full of, with all that trips us up, with all that makes us laugh, with the mess, the muddle and even the mundane.

This is where God is: the Holy Here and now.”

Thank you Lorraine and Bridget.

My thanks also to all my friends and members of our church, both morning and evening congregations, for letting me take the opportunity of having the month of August as a time of refreshment without having to conduct any      Services or Bible Studies. This has been greatly appreciated by both Margaret and myself, and I am also grateful to those who have stood in for me and conducted our Worship Services. It has been good to have had the teaching and  inspirational leading from those friends.

So now it is back to business – not as normal as I almost typed for it will not be ‘normal’ but at a renewed time of looking forward for Stow Park Church. A time when we will be continuing to seek God’s will for us through Missional Communities which we hope to explore in actions this Autumn.

But before that we shall be bringing into membership two friends who have been worshipping with us for a little time – Sharoon and Georgina – both of whom have expressed a wish to become Disciples for Jesus through Stow Park and on Sunday morning 10th September we shall be officially welcoming them into the Stow Park Family. We look forward very much to this time.

Finally, if you have been following the Living Light Bible Notes each day, you will know that we have been studying the letter of Paul to the Colossians, chapter 2 which in our Bible is headed Freedom from Human Regulations through Life with Christ. As I write this on Thursday 24th August, this         morning’s readings remind us that Jesus came to bring us ‘life, and life in all its fullness. That means that until and unless we receive what Jesus has come to bring we aren’t alive. Jesus doesn’t merely improve our life, or take it to another level, but rather, that without Him, we are dead and without hope. Believing in Christ and receiving what He brings is the greatest change than can ever happen to us.


Ron Prosser, Lay Leader, Stow Park Ecumenical Partnership