What We Believe

Stow Park Church is a Trinitarian Church (i.e. we believe in one God of three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit) whose theological roots are distantly Reformed(i.e. reformed after the theology of Martin Luther) and whose historical and organisational roots are in the Presbyterian (Calvinism), Congregational and Churches of Christ traditions.

We believe that the highest authority is God’s Word in the Bible, alive for His people today, through the help of the Holy Spirit. We rejoice in the diversity and power of the Holy Spirit’s gifts and believe in a personal conviction of Christ’s redemption. That Christ gives His Church a government distinct from the government of the state and the Church must serve the Lord Jesus Christ, our only Ruler and Head. Civil authorities are called to serve God’s will of justice and peace for all humankind and to respect the rights of conscience and belief.

We have a body of Elders who lead the church, with a Church Meeting consisting of all its members being the ultimate decision-making body.

We believe that all members are Disciples doing their best, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to emulate their Lord and Master Jesus Christ. If you are interested in becoming a Member and Disciple of Christ, please contact an Elder.