Bible Studies

Welcome to our Bible Study page!

On this page you will find some good Biblical knowledge from our Bible teacher, Ron Prosser about the Bible Doctrines.

Please below you would see a picture of us who are enjoying this food of the soul and and a link that you could read all about it.

Please you are invited to come along next Wednesday at 11:00 am.

Bible Doctrines 1. The Authority of the Bible

Bible Doctrines 2. How we Find the Doctrines

Bible Doctrines 3. The Existence and Being of God

Bible Doctrines 4. The Attributes of God’s Personality

Bible Doctrines 5. The Moral Attributes of God

Bible Doctrines 6. The Names of God and the Holy Trinity


Bible Doctrines 8. Good Angels

Bible Doctrines 9. The Devil and the Fallen Angels